We’ve Been Nominated! Best of Las Vegas!

Cinnamon’s Restaurant has been nominated for THREE (3) “Best of Las Vegas” awards!

-Best Breakfast
-Best Pancake
-Best Hawaiian Restaurant

We are honored and most appreciative to even be recognized! And as such, we’d like to thank our awesome crew and customers.

Now what do you say we try and win this thing?
LINK: www.voteBOLV.com/Cinnamons

It’s super simple: Just click the link above or below & vote for Cinnamon’s in each category. Couple of things:

1. This is an Express Voting Link so it’s super quick!
2. After selecting, remember to click the button “CAST YOUR VOTE“.
3. Voting stops on August 9 but you can vote EVERYDAY, once per device (phone, computer, etc.).

Please share the link with your friends & family and remind them to vote EVERY DAY!

Either way, we thank you again for your love & support. Mahalo everyone!!!