Valentine’s Day 2019


So, this is our first venture into night offerings at our Las Vegas location. And we couldn’t be happier to be able to kick-it-off with good friends Kaleo Pilanca & Kamakane Hopkins!


This Valentine’s show could be the first of an annual event here, filled with laughter, music, ‘ono, & aloha. We’re excited for Feb. 14th & 15th and look forward to 2 great nites!

Attached is the menu we will be offering for Honis & Hugs, and links/bios on the other good people participating.

Kaleo Pilanca
Na Leo Aloha
702 Haku Lei
Hooked UP Hawaii

Seats are limited, and when it’s gone; it’s gone. So please contact CJ at [808] 352-7787 to reserve your seats/table now.

We also are happy to announce that every month after, we will be hosting a ‘one-night only dinner’ at Cinnamon’s Las Vegas to continue testing menu items & gauge the market. The March menu will be available for viewing by Valentine’s Day.

Mahalo for all your support!

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